Monday, 24 April 2017

B1 - The Black Tulip - Questions

The Black Tulip, Alexandre Dumas   

B1 - April 2017

1.    What was Cornelius Van Baerle’s job?

2.    Where did Isaac Boxtel live? Who was his neighbour?

3.    What happens if you are the first to grow a black tulip?

4.    Who helped the De Witt brothers when they were in prison?

5.    Who killed the De Witt brothers?

6.    How many bulbs did Cornelius Van Baerle take to prison?

7.    Who did Cornelius Van Baerle give his tulips to?

8.    Who was really Jacob Gisels, the old man interested in the jailer’s daughter?

9.    What did Cornelius Van Baerle teach Rosa?

10. Who won the prize for the black tulip?

11. Why is it a happy ending?

Friday, 14 April 2017